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Mark is a native of New York, and as you will see is obviously quite Mad. Here is a man who wants to part with a substantial amount of cash for a vehicle that his fellow countrymen have never seen the likes of before. One afternoon I receive a phone call from Mark asking me if I can go and have a look at this coupe that he had purchased. I did not know what to expect of this coupe, I was not sure that it was going to be what he was after. It is a big gamble trusting somebody on the other side of the world with your hard earned cash getting you a car that you really don't know all that well yourself.

A couple of my friends and I went out to Fawkner to a panel shop to have a look at this GT coupe. Boy did I get a shock, an XB GT coupe with a factory sunroof, electric windows, all the goodies with a minimum of rust and extremely straight for a car of that age. I then took some photo's sent them to Mark and cured his anxiety about whether the car was genuine or not and if it was in good condition.

Here is a semi informative pictorial article on the progress of Marks coupe from the day it was purchased here in Melbourne to the day that it arrives on Marks doorstep in New York.

Click on the picture to see a larger view.

These are pictures of the car with the engine and transmission removed. This is basically before any work had taken place on the car.

The car has now been stripped, all the interior and lose parts have been removed. The GT is now waiting to be taken to the panel beaters then to the spray painters. As you can see the coupe has very little rust and the body pnels look to be in pretty good shape. There are a couple of dents here and there, but for a 25 year old car I think that it was in very good condition. The vynil roof has been removed, lets face it, does anyone like vynil theses days anyway?

Here are some pics of common rust spots on these types of car. Notice that there is some stone guard sprayed on the bottom sills under the black paint this is notoriously used for covering rust in a easy and quick way.

Some snap shots of what you may find under the seats and carpet.

Well the car has finally made it to the U.S after a long trip cross country, Mark after much anticipation and sleepless nights took posession of his rare XB GT coupe. And as you can see from the following pics, it is easy to understand that Mark will never let this car out of his sight.