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Specifications for XA-XC Falcon coupes

Note: GT's will not be covered at this present time, all body specs are the same only the engine components and ratings are different.

Date of Introduction: (Coupes, not Sedans)

XA: August 1972
Landau: August 1973
XB: October 1973
John Goss Special: June 1975
XC: December 1976
Cobra: August 1978

Vehicle Type:

Front engined rear drive passenger car.

Engines: (With Specifications, only V8's)

Type: Coventional, watercooled, four-stroke, reciprocating piston type
Capacity: 4.95 litres (302 cubic inches)
. 5.75 litres (351 cubic inches)
Configuration: Front-mounted, Longitudinal, with cylinders in vee
Head Design: Pushrod and rocker actuated overhead valve with two valves per cylinder
Bore and Stroke: 302CID = 101.6 x 76.2mm (4 x 3 inches)
. 351CID = 101.6 x 89mm (4 x 3.5 inches)

XA 302CID 351CID
Power output: 180kw (240bhp) at 5000rpm 195kw (260bhp) at 4600rpm
Torque: 412Nm (305ft/lb) at 2600rpm 479Nm (355ft/lb) at 2600rpm
Compression ratio: 9.5:1 9.7:1

XB 302CID 351CID
Power output: 180kw (240bhp) at 5000rpm 195kw (260bhp) at 4600rpm
Torque: 412Nm (305ft/lb) at 2600rpm 479Nm (355ft/lb) at 2600rpm
Compression ratio: 9.4:1 9.1:1

XC, Cobra 302CID 351CID
Power output: 151kw (202bhp) at 4600rpm 162kw (217bhp) at 4500rpm
Torque: 364Nm (268ft/lb) at 3000rpm 429Nm (317ft/lb) at 2700rpm
Compression ratio: 9.2:1 8.9:1

Transmissions (with Ratios):

3-speed Manual 302CID
1st: 2.71:1
2nd: 1.69:1
3rd: 1.00:1
Reverse: 3.37:1

4-speed Manual 302CID
1st: 3.06:1
2nd: 1.84:1
3rd: 1.32:1
4th 1.00:1
Reverse: 2.56:1

4-speed Manual 351CID
1st: 2.46:1
2nd: 1.78:1
3rd: 1.27:1
4th 1.00:1
Reverse: 2.47:1

4-speed Manual (Bathurst Edition Cobra)
1st: 2.82:1
2nd: 1.84:1
3rd: 1.32:1
4th 1.00:1
Reverse: 2.47:1

Automatic 302CID
1st: 2.46:1
2nd: 1.46:1
3rd: 1.00:1
Reverse: 2.20:1

Automatic 351CID
1st: 2.40:1
2nd: 1.47:1
3rd: 1.00:1
Reverse: 2.00:1

Rear Axle Ratios:

. 302CID 351CID
Auto: 2.92 2.75
Manual: 2.92 3.00


Unitary steel construction.


302/351: Twin dry plate, operated hydraulically (9.5 inch face).


Front: Independant with coil springs and hydraulic shock absorbers, stabilizer.
Rear: Live axle, semielliptic springs with hydraulic shock absorbers.


Recirculating ball; manual ratio: 20:1, power ratio: 11.5:1-17.5:1.


Front: Hydraulic operation:
11.25 inch Power-assisted, Ventilated Discs All Models

Rear: Hydraulic operation:
10 inch Drums: XA-XC Falcon, Falcon GS, Fairmont
11 inch Finned Drums: XA GT
Ventilated, Power Disc Brakes: Landau, XB GT, XC Fairmont GXL, Cobra

Interior Dimensions (Coupe):

. Front Rear
Leg Room: 1045mm (41.5 inches) 810mm (31.9 inches)
Head Room: 945mm (37.2 inches) 909mm (35.8 inches)
Shoulder Room: 1524mm (60 inches) 1524mm (60 inches)
Hip Room: 1529mm (60.2 inches) 1529mm (60.2 inches)

Exterior Dimensions (Coupe):

Total Length: 4837mm (190.4 inches)
Total Width: 1969mm (77.5 inches)
Total Height: 1308mm (51.5 inches)
Wheel Base: 2819mm (111 inches)
Front Track: 1539mm (60.6 inches)
Rear Track: 1527mm (60.1 inches)
Weight: 1490kg (3308lb)
Turning Circle: 12 metres (39.4ft)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 79.6 litres (17.5 gallons)