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11th December 1999

I had a Wanted post on the main page of this website asking for an XC Coupe rolling shell with a factory sunroof and as a result of that I got an e-mail and subsequently yesturday I bought the XC Coupe rolling shell and an XC Fairmont sedan for parts.

I was not expecting to get a response so quick because I had only posted the wanted a week earlier. So this section will be about my new project which will be a ground up restoration, like XA Buildup, this coupe will also be made into an XA GT look alike.

My plans for this coupe are a 400M with 302C heads with a C6 auto and 4 wheel discs. Also because the dash has already been removed I will try to replace it with a digital dash out of a late 80's model Fairlane. Landau buckets in the back and a custom rear parcel shelf because I loved the look of John's custom parcel shelf when I looked at his XC Coupe.

This job is going to be done properly and take a while so please don't expect anything to soon, although when I pick up the cars later in the week I hope to take some pictures then so you will be able to see what I am up against.

27th December 1999

Have arranged with John to pick the cars up on the weekend of the 7th and 8th of January. Will take some photo's then and get them on the net. I also have located the Dash, interior and center console and full wiring loom out of an (1986)FE LTD for $600. Digital dash and Grey Velour trim with electric seats. Should look awesome in an XA GT Coupe. Money is a bit scarce at the moment because of Christmas but I should be getting a new job some-time soon so everthing should pick up then.

10th January 2000

Got the coupe and the sedan last Saturday. John is a tow truck driver and was kind enough to tow both vehicles home for me. Thanks John. I got the sedan running, only needed a distributer cap, I had one laying around so that was no problem, put some fuel in and she started up. Blowing a shit load of blue smoke out of the rocker covers, but who cares, I got the car for free.

I will bolt a towbar tounge to the front of the coupe so that it can be towed around by a tractor. Unfortunately I have no shed at the moment where it will fit permanently so it will have to be towed down under the carport when ever I want to do something to it, then towed back when I am finished.

14th January 2000

Finally got some pic's developed of the new coupe and the sedan, the photo's aren't much because my camera doesn't seem to work the way it should.

The coupe:

The sedan:

3rd March 2000

Well not much has really happened, the car is still sitting up in the back yard rusting away as usual. I have found a business near by that will actually come out to my house and sandblast the entire coupe for $300 so that will be the next task that will be undertaken.

It's official, we're now going to see the end of leaded fuel in Victoria. To bad for everyone that has a leaded fuel car now isn't it. So there goes the plans for a 400M V8 in the car, yes I could put it onto LPG but what would be the fun in that, I lose too much power.

So all I can think of that may give me the power of a 400 would be a supercharged 5.0 Windsor. So now the plan is to buy a wrecked V8 NC Fairlane Ghia and swap the engine, dash and driveline over into the coupe. Save any troubles with matching the computer or trans or anything to that discription. Does anyone what modifications would have to be made to convert the 5.0 EFI system to work with the firing order of a 5.8 Windsor?

To be continued.....